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how important is it to have qualified Bunker Surveyors performing your Bunker Quantity Surveys?

With today oil prices soaring to a new height, owners, charterers and suppliers need to protect their interests. Potential Inspection Services Pte Ltd bunker surveyors have accumulated experiences of over 100 years. Some of our surveyors have previously worked in various refineries.

qualified bunker surveyors licensed by the marine port authority of singapore

In 2001, Bunker Surveyors are required to be licenced by the MPA. Surveyors undergo a period of training before sitting for the Bunker Surveyor Course. Our Surveyors familiarize with the Singapore Standard SS600:2008, formerly known as Code of Practice 77 (CP), before sitting for an examination at the end of the course. It is a requirement by the MPA that all bunker surveyors must be license.

We have achieved our ISO / IEC 17020:1998 accreditation in 2011, which is made mandatory by MPA to all bunker surveying companies in Singapore.

personalized, prompt and reliable bunker and marine service

Potential Inspection Services Pte Ltd always believed in serving and protection our client's interest. We provide personalized services thoug our in-house surveyors. Our 24 hours prompt response ensures that your interest is well-protected. We constantly seek to improve through regular training of our surveyor, IT and internal auditing.

Potential Inspection Services

Potential Inspection Services

  • Petroleum Inspection
  • Bunker Quantity Surveys
  • Marine Surveys
  • General Cargo Surveys

3 "P"s to our success

3 “P”s to our success

  1. Prompt
  2. Personalized
  3. Professional
SAC Accredited Inspection Body